Diep is truly knowledgeable in his craft. He came to my home and was able to diagnose issues with the installment of new thermostat. He understood the HVAC system in my home, fixed potential long-term issues, and even made a few more requested modifications for little additional costs. He saved me time and the headache of dealing with unqualified phone personalities of the thermostat company that installed my thermostat. Most of all, his price was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend his company to ANYONE with HVAC issues.

Aaron M.

I have called my Home Warranty because my heating system will not turn on, United Air Temp arrived and start replacing parts and took them around 2 weeks to tell me you need a new system I called the Home Warranty again and I asked them for a 2nd opinion, Yazd Mechanical came and told me the same thing, you need a new system. Now it's been a month without heat and luckily it wasn't that cold, I had to buy some portable heaters to get by. My colleague told me to call Diep from T&J Services, and I did, Diep told me that someone miss/ wrongly wired the system, he reconnected everything the way it supposed to be, changed a copastor/booster in the outside unit, and everything is working fine, Thanks Diep for an honest and affordable job. We truly need more of you.

Naser K.

These two gentlemen are courteous, punctual, professional and cheerful! They service both our heating and A/C every year , have done a few additional plumbing jobs and are unfailingly reasonably priced and honest in their estimates and appraisals. I whole-heartedly endorse them.

Liz G.

Diep is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything. He is very professional, honest and capable. I wish he was located closer to me so that I could use him for smaller jobs as well.

Helen M.

The technician who responded was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. He reviewed the problem and offed solutions. We settled on a solution that was less expensive than several he reviewed...no push to go with a more expensive alternate.

Donald I.

Diet was awesome and amazing--perfect service, an excellent and expert professional!! Extremely highly recommended---10 stars!!!

Paul P.

Very polite and smart. Took them awhile but the found the problem (electrical) that prevented my floor heating thermostat from working

Jay Y.

They showed up on time and did an outstanding job in the a new programmable thermostat. They check the entire system to ensure the system was working properly and also program my thermostat.

Herbert B.